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The courses that are offered by universities in United States and that are popular among International Students.

If you're currently pondering on subject to chose as your major or even if you're just curious about what tomorrow's global job applicants are majoring in today, here's a top 10 list of course options in USA for you.

Business Administration and Management
This major offers training in accounting, finance, marketing, economics, human resources, and decision-making. You'll learn to budget, organize, plan, hire, direct, control, and manage an organization. You'll find more chances for career growth if you go on to earn your MBA.

Psychology is the study of the way humans and animals interact and respond to their environment. In essence, it's the study of behaviour and the thoughts behind it. Just don't expect that four years of college will get you a private practice where people lie on a couch and tell you their troubles for $95/hour. You'll need an extra five to seven years of schooling and a PhD before that will happen.

Elementary education
From tracing a little hand on coloured paper to help in making cookies and to taking a field trip to the local science center with your fourth-graders to learn about static electricity, you are excited about working in a grade school and shaping young minds before they develop the attitude. Some college programmes offer an area of specialization, such as early childhood, language arts, or mathematics.

Biology majors focus on the living world--that's everything from single-cell bacteria to whales. You may take classes in which you learn about calculus, microbiology, cell biology, genetics, evolution, physics, and organic chemistry. In addition to being a stepping-stone for medical school, biology major can lead to a job in the field such as genetics, biotechnology, or medical research. Veterinarians, optometrists, ecologists, biochemists, and environmentalists all may have majored in biology.

Generally, nurses help people meet basic health needs, adapt to physical changes, recover from illness, and die with dignity. They are employed in clinics, hospitals, schools, corporations, the military, and in private practice. We need nurses now more that ever and job prospects in this field are bright. If you major in nursing, you'll take traditional science and liberal arts courses as a first-year student and probably begin clinical rotations at hospitals and other health care facilities during the second semester of your sophomore year.

Although much of your coursework will be general education material, most laces require you to choose a specific grade level you'd like to teach. Choices usually include some variation of early childhood education (Preschool), primary education (kinder-garden through twelfth grade). Some education majors choose to specialize in special education. Your student teaching experience, in which you spend a semester or more in gaining practical experience in a classroom, will be in the field of your choice.

You'll find English majors in countless types of jobs. Many of them are communications-based careers as you'd expect-author, reporter, journalist, editor, radio broadcaster, advertising and public relations executives--but plenty of them aren't that obvious. English majors also become teachers, lawyers (after law school, of course), film directors, politicians, actors, you name it. English majors become well-rounded, well-read individuals who have studies life in words across the globe.

In this programme, students learn how certain messages influence individual and group behaviour. You'll spend a significant amount of time studying different kinds of speaking and writing and strategies people use to make their points. You'll take a look at verbal and nonverbal messages, audience reaction, and the varied effects of different communication environments. Communication theory will play a part too, as you delve into speeches, revolutionary political campaigns, radical social movements, and the trends in news reporting. With your degree, you may choose to pursue a career in business, public relations, advertising, human resources, government, education, media, or social services.

Computer Science
Your friends are always coming to you for help when they experience computer problems, and you know it's high time you got paid for your efforts. Solution: obtain a degree in Computer Science. In this programme, you'll focus on how computer technology can be applied to any number of fields.

Included will be classes on how to develop business applications, perform system analysis, and the process of developing software (from designing to programming to testing). Programmes may also include instruction in robotics, natural language recognition programmes, artificial intelligence, programming languages and numerical analysis. The knowledge you gain from a Computer Science major is absolutely applicable to the real world, and to real jobs within it.

Please select the course below to get detail information about the course and its career prospects.

Besides the Above mentioned courses, universities in united states offer wide range of courses some are mentioned below below:

Area Studies | Area, Ethnic, Cultural Studies | Art | Art Education | Art History, Criticism, Conservation | Art Therapy | Arts Management | Asian Studies | Asian-American Studies | Astronomy | Astrophysics | Aviation Management | Banking , Financial Support Services | Behavioral Sciences | Bible Studies | Biblical Language, Literature | Bilingual, Bicultural Education | Biochemistry | Bioengineering, Biomedical Engineering | Biological Immunology | Biological Technology | Biological, Life Sciences | Biological, Physical Sciences | Biology Education | Biomedical Sciences, Technologies | Biometrics | Biophysics | Biopsychology | Biostatistics | Biotechnology Research | Botany | Business Communication | Business Computer Programming | Business Economics | Business Education | Business Facilities Operation | Business Marketing, Marketing Management | Business Quantitative Methods, Management Science | Business Statistics | Business System Analysis, Design | Business Systems Networking, Telecommunications | Business, Personal Service Marketing | Cad-cam, Drafting | Canadian Studies | Cardiovascular Technology | Caribbean Studies | Cell Biology | Ceramic Sciences, Engineering | Ceramics | Chemical Engineering | Chemical, Atomic Physics | Chemistry | Civil Engineering | Civil Engineering, Civil Technology | Clinical Laboratory Science | Clinical Psychology | Communications | Computer, Information Sciences | Computer Engineering | Computer Science | Dairy Science | Dance | Dance Therapy | Demography Population Studies | Dental Hygiene Studies | Education Administration, K-12 | Education Administration, Supervision | Education Instructional Media Design | Education Of Gifted, Talented | Education Of Learning Disabled | Education Of Mentally Handicapped | Education Of Multiple Handicapped | Education Of Physically Handicapped | Education Of Speech Impaired | Educational Evaluation, Research | Educational Psychology | Educational Statistics, Research Methods | Educational Supervision | Electrical, Electronic Engineering-related Technologies | Electrical, Electronics, Communications Engineering | Electrician | Electro-diagnostic Technologies | Electromechanical Instrumentation | Electronics, Electrical Equipment Repair | Elementary Education | Elementary Particle Physics | Emergency Medical Technology | Engineering Design | Engineering Mechanics | Engineering Physics | Engineering Science | Engineering, Industrial Management | Engineering-related Technologies | English | English Composition | English Education | English Literature | Enterprise Management, Operations | Entomology | Entrepreneurship | Environmental Control Technologies | Environmental Design | Environmental Health | Environmental Health Engineering | Environmental Science, Conservation | Environmental Studies | Epidemiology | Equestrian, Equine Studies | ESL Teacher Education | ESL Teacher Education | Ethnic, Cultural Studies | European Studies | Evolutionary Biology | Exercise Sciences | Geochemistry | Geography | Geological Engineering | Geology | Geophysical Engineering | Geophysics, Seismology | German | German Language Education | Germanic Languages | Gerontology | Global Studies | Graphic Design, Commercial Art, Illustration | Graphic, Printing Equipment Operation | Greek, Ancient | Greek, Modern | Health Education | Health Occupations Education | Health Physics, Radiological Health | Health Products, Services Marketing | Health Professions, Related Sciences | Health System Administration | Health, Medical Biostatistics | Health, Medical Laboratory Technologies | Health, Physical Fitness | Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration M | Hebrew | Higher Education Administration | Hispanic-American Studies | Historic Preservation, Conservation | History | History Education | Home Economics | Home Economics Business Services | Home Economics Education | Home Furnishings, Equipment | Home, Office Products Marketing | Horticultural Services | Horticulture Science | Hospitality Administration, Management | Hospitality, Recreation Marketing | Hotel, Motel, Restaurant Management | Housing Studies | Human Resources Management | Human Services | Industrial Design | Industrial Equipment Maintenance, Repair | Industrial Production Technologies | Industrial, Manufacturing Engineering | Industrial, Organizational Psychology | Information Sciences, Systems | Inorganic Chemistry | Institutional Food Production | Insurance Marketing | Insurance, Risk Management | Interdisciplinary Studies | Interior Architecture | Interior Design | Inter-media | International Agriculture | International Business | International Business Marketing | International Finance | International Relations | International Studies | Investments, Securities | Islamic Studies | Italian | Japanese | Jazz | Jewish, Judaic Studies | Journalism | Junior High Education | Labor, Personnel Relations | Landscape Architecture | Landscaping Management | Latin | Latin American Studies | Law Enforcement, Police Science | Legal Administrative Assistant | Legal Specialization | Legal Studies | Liberal Arts, Humanities | Library Assistant | Library Science | Linguistics | Logistics, Materials Management | Management Information Systems | Management Science | Manufacturing Technologies | Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture | Marine, Aquatic Biology | Marketing Management | Marketing Research | Marketing, Distribution | Marketing, Distribution Education | Materials Engineering | Materials Science | Mathematics | Mathematics Education | Mathematics, Computer Science | Mechanical Engineering | Mechanical Engineering-related Technologies | Mechanics, Repair | Medical Administrative Assistant | Medical Assistant | Medical Basic Sciences | Medical Dietetics | Medical Illustrating | Medical Laboratory Assistant | Medical Laboratory Technology | Medical Radiologic Technology | Medical Records Administration | Medical Records Technology | Medical Specialties | Medical Transcription | Medieval, Renaissance Studies | Mental Health Services | Mental Health Services Technology | Metal, Jewelry Arts | Metallurgical Engineering | Metallurgy | Meteorology | Mexican-American Studies | Microbiology, Bacteriology | Middle Eastern Languages, Other | Middle Eastern Studies | Military Technologies | Military Technology (air Force) | Military Technology (army) | Military Technology (coast Guard) | Military Technology (merchant Marine) | Military Technology (navy, Marines) | Mining, Mineral Engineering | Mining, Petroleum Technologies | Ministerial, Theological Studies | Missionary Studies | Molecular Biology | Movement Therapy | Museum Studies | Music | Music Business Management | Music Education | Music History, Literature | Music Performance | Music Theory, Composition | Music Therapy | Music, Piano, Organ Performance | Music, Voice, Choral, Opera Performance | Musical Theater | Musicology, Ethnomusicology | Native American Studies | Natural Resources Management | Natural Sciences | Neuroscience | Nonprofit, Public Management | Nuclear Engineering | Nuclear Medical Technology | Nuclear Physics | Nuclear, Industrial Radio Logic Technology | Nursery Operations | Nursing (post-rn) | Nursing (rn) | Nursing Administration | Nursing Anesthesiology | Nursing Education | Nursing, Practical | Nutritional Sciences | Occupational Health\industrial Hygiene | Occupational Therapy | Occupational Therapy Assistant | Ocean Engineering | Oceanography | Office Supervision, Management | Operations Management, Supervision | Operations Research | Ophthalmic, Optometric Services | Optics | Organic Chemistry | Organizational Behavior Studies | Ornamental Horticulture | Orthotics, Prosthetics | Pacific Area Studies | Painting | Paleontology | Paralegal, Legal Assistance | Parasitology | Parks, Recreation, Fitness Studies | Parks, Recreational Facilities Management | Pastoral Counseling | Pathology, Human, Animal | Peace, Conflict Studies | Perfusion Technology | Petroleum Engineering | Pharmaceutical, Medicinal Chemistry | Pharmacology, Human, Animal | Pharmacy | Philosophy | Philosophy, Religion | Photography | Physical Education | Physical Sciences | Physical Sciences Technologies | Physical Therapy | Physical Therapy Assistant | Physical, Theoretical Chemistry | Physician Assistant | Physics Education | Physiology, Human, Animal | Plant Breeding, Genetics | Plant Pathology | Plant Physiology | Plant Protection | Plant Sciences | Plasma, High-temperature Physics | Playwriting, Screenwriting | Political Science, Government | Polymer Chemistry | Polymer, Plastics Engineering | Poultry Science | Power, Electrical Transmission | Pre-architecture | Precision Metal Work | Precision Production Trades | Pre-dentistry | Pre-engineering | Pre-law | Pre-medicine | Pre-nursing | Pre-optometry | Pre-pharmacy | Pre-physical Therapy | Pre-veterinary Medicine | Printmaking | Protective Services | Psychobiology, Physiological Psychology | Psychology | Public Administration | Public Administration, Services | Public Finance | Public Health Education | Public Policy Analysis | Public Relations | Purchasing, Procurement, Contracts | Quality Control, Safety Technologies | Radiation Biology | Radio, Television Broadcasting | Range Science, Management | Reading Education | Real Estate | Recreational Therapy | Rehabilitation, Therapeutic Services | Religion, Religious Studies | Religious Education | Religious Music | Respiratory Therapy | Retailing, Wholesaling | Robotics | Romance Languages, Other | Russian | Russian, Slavic Studies | Scandinavian Studies | School Psychology | Science Education | Science Education | Science Technologies | Sculpture | Secondary Education | Secretarial, Administrative Services | Security, Loss Prevention | Sign Language Interpretation | Slavic Languages | Social Psychology | Social Science Education | Social Sciences | Social Studies Education | Social Work | Social, Philosophical Foundations Of Education | Sociology | Software Engineering | Soil Sciences | Solid-state, Low Temperature Physics | South Asian Languages | South Asian Studies | Southeast Asian Studies | Spanish | Spanish Language Education | Special Education | Speech Education | Speech Pathology, Audiology | Speech, Rhetorical Studies | Speech, Theater Education | Sports Medicine, Athletic Training | Sports, Fitness Administration | Statistics | Studio Arts | Surveying | Systems Engineering | Systems Science, Theory | Taxation | Teacher Education, Multiple Levels | Technical Education | Technical Theater Design, Stagecraft | Technical, Business Writing | Technology, Industrial Arts Education | Telecommunications | Textile Science, Engineering | Theater History, Criticism | Theological Studies | Theoretical, Mathematical Physics | Tourism, Travel Management | Tourism, Travel Marketing | Toxicology | Trade, Industrial Education | Transportation Management | Transportation, Materials Moving | Turf Management | Urban Studies | Urban, Regional, Community, Planning | Vehicle, Mobile Equipment Mechanics | Vehicle, Petroleum Products Marketing | Veterinarian Assistant | Veterinary Specialties | Virology | Visual, Performing Arts | Vocational Home Economics | Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling | Water Transportation | Western European Studies | Wildlife, Wildlands Management | Women's Studies | Woodworking | Zoology

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