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Kalmar Castle, Sweden
Capital: Stockholm
Population: 8,878,085
Area: 449,964 sq km
Language: Swedish, English
Religion: Protestant, Roman Catholic
Continent: Europe
Sweden is emerging as the popular destination for international students because of its long and proud history of academic excellence along with its participatory and research based education system. The North European country with safe and modern environment also provides the high standard of learning atmosphere for international student. Swedish government is positive towards multicultural student body and takes it as the invaluable assets for the development of nation from every aspect. The public spending on educational sector is around 4.9% of the Net GDP which is among highest expenses on education sector around the world.

The free education for all, availability of wide range of scholarship and flexible policy of Swedish government to allow all the students to work for the support of their living in Sweden made it even more attractive destination for international students. Universities in Sweden offer wide range of educational programs of (around 500) in English language and these universities are renowned worldwide for the encouragement they provide to their students to think every matter critically with personal initiatives.

Suitable for Indian, Nepali, Pakistani, Indonesian, Chinese, Hong Kong, Sri Lankan, Filipino, Malaysian, Bangladeshi, Iranian, Thai, Qatari, Kuwaiti and other Asian students
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