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Living Cost for International Students in Russia

Students live in the residence hall the first three days after arrival to get accustomed to the program, then they have two housing options:

Residence hall
Housed in the comfortable residence hall for foreign students at most of the Universities, students live in 2-room suites (two students per room, four students per suite) with kitchenette (stove and refrigerator), toilet and bathtub/shower in each suite. The residence hall has LAN connections in all rooms so students are advised to bring a laptop computer with them. The initial set-up fee is $10, with a $5 per month user fee and 4cts per gigabyte of traffic ($7-$10 per month depending on the numbers of hours of use). Students will also be able to use their laptops for writing papers and entertainment (Music, DVD and digital photography). Students must keep their laptops locked up when not in use.

Students who choose to live in a Russian home receive breakfast with the host. Living with a Russian family gives students a tremendous opportunity to improve their Russian language skills and to experience a significant amount of Russian culture and cuisine. Students must request to live in a homestay at the time of application. Most homestays are mostly located 20-25 minutes by public transportation or 30 minutes walk from the Universities.

Meal allowance
Students receive a monetary allowance to purchase meals in cafés or the University cafeteria, or they can cook their own meals in their dorm kitchenette. Homestay students can use the funds to pay the family directly for lunch or dinner. This arrangement is easier for students, as they do not have to budget cash for meals each week.

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