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Stave Church in Borgund, Norway
Capital: Oslo
Population: 4,546,123
Area: 385,639 sq km
Language: Norwegian, English
Religion: Evangelical Lutheran, Roman Catholic
Continent: Europe
Norway, the country near north pole with the view of midnight sun is one of the best destinations for international students to study. The educational institutions in Norway provide high standard of education offering wide range of courses from vocational subjects to postgraduate and doctorate level with modern and safe learning environment.

Participatory and research based educational system where the teachers are easily approachable is one of the additional features of the Norwegian educational institutions. Beside education, students can also get lifetime experience, excitements and enjoyment while studying in Norway.

Students studying in Norway will definitely be benefited by understanding the Norwegian culture, people, and nature.

Suitable for Indian, Nepali, Pakistani, Indonesian, Chinese, Hong Kong, Sri Lankan, Filipino, Malaysian, Bangladeshi, Iranian, Thai, Qatari, Kuwaiti and other Asian students
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