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Scholarships and Financial aid available for International Students in Norway

Although the education is free for all in Norway by law, it costs to live in Norway. The living cost in Norway is a bit higher than other developed world. Students must plan well to manage their living cost in Norway. Student can work part-time up to 20 hours per week in Norway to support their living cost. However, there are several financial aid and scholarships available for international students in Norway. However the competition is high to obtain these scholarships and financial aid. It depends upon the student's academic background, the country they reside, and the course they choose to get any kind of financial aid and scholarships.

There are Norwegian government's national programs as well as various other program offered by private and non-profit making organizations to provide scholarship and other types of funding for international students to support their study and stay in Norway. The Norwegian Center for International Cooperation in Higher Education (SIU) is a public administrative body under the Ministry of Education and Research in Norway that promotes international cooperation in education and research and also administrates several programs where international students are eligible for financial support.

The various scholarship and financial aid programs available in Norway are:

Quota Scheme
Each year, to promote the internationalization in higher education, the Norwegian government provides full scholarships for 1100 international students. It is provided to 800 international students from developing countries and 300 international students from Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Generally, this scholarship is provided to Masters and Ph. D level courses taught in English. Several universities and universities colleges of Norway are allocated the quota to provide funding to international students.

The application deadline for quota scheme scholarship depends upon the institution, level of study and course chosen. It is therefore requested to contact respective institution directly.

To learn more about the Quota Scheme, eligibility to apply, and to find out which courses are available under this scheme, visit the website of The Norwegian Center for International Cooperation in Higher Education (SIU).

Norwegian Government Scholarships
Norwegian Government Scholarship is provided by Norwegian Government each year to advanced international students and young talented researchers with the aim to promote good relationship and coordination between Norwegian and foreign students. It is provided through the Norwegian International Scholarship Section (IS) of the Research Council. This scholarship is available to all areas of academic studies, including applied and performing arts.

This scholarship is not provided for the whole period of completion of degree in Norway, instead it is intended to finance a temporary stay of international student up to one academic year. To learn more about this scholarship, and eligibility to apply, visit the website of International Scholarship Section (IS) of the Research Council of Norway.

Beside these scholarships and financial aid programs, various other programs like

are available for international students to support their education in Norway.

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