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Living Cost for International Students in Japan

Living Cost in Japan varies with the individual, but we recommend you to prepare at least 1,000,000 JPY for one year of academic study and for living costs in Japan.

You will need to manage facilities like: public utilities, telephone services, Bedding, kitchen supplies, tableware, Washing machine, Dryer by yourself. So on your stay in Japan you must be able to pay for the charges of facilities.

Japanese accommodations (dormitories and apartments) are generally not furnished. Although some dormitories may supply beds, you will usually have to buy such items as a bed and/or bedding, refrigerator, microwave, television, etc. Prices for such items have become quite inexpensive as compared to the past at discount shops, etc. You can also check the bulletin boards at your university or school for notices regarding sale of inexpensive items.

Public utility fees for water, gas and electricity are not included in your rent. Therefore, you will need to subscribe to and pay for the services yourself. If you will be living Traditional Japanese Womanin an apartment, you can check with your landlord, etc. for contact information.

Unlike Europe and the United States, apartments in Japan do not have a laundry room equipped with washing machines and dryers. Therefore you will have to either buy your own washing machine or go to a neighborhood coin-operated laundry.

Living in Japan is recognized as one of the most expensive one in the world, so be very careful about your ability to fulfill required cost during your stay there.

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