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Instructions about the method to get admission in Japanese Universities

Foreign students can enroll institutions of higher learning: universities (undergraduate courses), graduate schools, junior colleges, special training colleges (post-secondary courses) and colleges of technology. Because each student may have a different reason for choosing to study in Japan, you should clarify your objective before selecting a school.

  1. Do you want to earn a degree or conduct long-term research?
  2. Do you want to acquire proficiency in the Japanese language through study at a Japanese-language institute or preparatory Japanese language courses established by private universities?
  3. Do you want to acquire a certain specialized skill?

Once you have clarified your objective, you can then find the educational institute that is most suitable for attaining your goal.

There are about 700 universities in Japan, including national, public and private ones. The length of study in an undergraduate university is four years with the exception of medicine, dentistry and veterinary science department, which require six years of study.

The length of study in a graduate school depends on whether you are matriculated in a master's program or doctor's program.
Master's program: lasts for two years.
Doctor's program: lasts for five years. Generally, the doctor's program is divided into the first period (two years; applicable to the above-mentioned master's program) and the latter period (three years). However, the length of study for the doctor's program in medicine, dentistry and veterinary science (entered upon after completion of the six-year undergraduate courses in medicine, dentistry or veterinary science) is four years. Some universities offer doctor's programs covering the full five years while others offer only the final three years.

Colleges of technology provide junior high school graduates with five years (five and a half years for merchant shipping courses) of education. There are about 60 colleges of technology in Japan. They offer courses related to engineering, merchant shipping as well as other fields.

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