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Here we have mentioned the most general reasons for student visa denial in major countries like: United States USA, United Kingdom UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Japan and other popular study abroad destinations.

Insufficient Funds

If you are planning to study abroad and have applied for student visa, you need to show sufficient funds showing that your funds will be enough to sustain your life in the selected country during your study. If you fail to show sufficient funds, it is sure that you'll be denied a student visa.

Poor Academic Records

If you are applying for student visa and have poor academic records, the universities may accept you because most universities are business motive, but most possibly you'll not be able to obtain student visa. This is because your poor academic record is the proof of your negligence which questions in your intentions on studying.

No Good Ties Documents

Most students fail to obtain a student visa because they fail to show their ties with their nations. You must be able to show that you will return back to your own nation after completion of your studies. Ties documents may include family relations, business works, waiting jobs, and anything else that stands as an evidence for your return to your home country. If you cannot show such evidences, it is sure that you will be denied a student visa.

Fake Visa Documents

Showing fake academic documents or financial documents gradually decreases your chance of getting visa. If your bank certificate or statement is fake, and they can recognize it, then they'll surely deny to grant you a student visa. However, they might not clearly mention the reason on this issue because though they have recognized the fake visa documents, they don't want to get into the process of proving it fake. Using fake documents is not good attempt on itself so you better avoid it.

Impression to the Consular

Even though this applies to nations which organizes student visa interview, this is one of the major reasons for visa denial. To obtain student visa you need to impress the consular, your words must be impressing and understandable. You need to prove to the consular that you are genuine student and your reasons for studying abroad makes sense. Most of the times the mood of the consular also plays role in the student visa approval. When their mood isn't good they'll not award the student visa, however this is not the general reason for student visa denial.

These are the general information on students visa denial. If you've been already denied a student visa then, in the case of countries like United Kingdom, you can appeal. Many students obtain student visa after they appeal. However for countries like United States, you'll need to re-apply for the student visa, because they don't accept the appeals.

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