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Doric Temple at Segesta, Italy
Capital: Rome
Population: 57,998,353
Area: 301,323 sq km
Language: Italian, German
Religion: Roman Catholic
Continent: Europe
Italy plays an important part in European higher education, and was influential in starting the higher education reform, known as "Bologna Process" (Bologna Declaration, June 1999) which is now being implemented all over Europe. Its higher education system includes 83 universities (58 of them sponsored by the State), as well as numerous non-university institutions such as academies of art, design and music, and institutes of technical education and specialized training.

Studying in Italy gives students access to some of the most influential art, architecture, and history in the world. The options for study abound. Italy is home to the UniversitÓ di Bologna, which is said to be the oldest university in the western world. Historians cite the university as having been created in 1088. The university boasts many famous historical figures as alumni, including Dante Alighieri. The Italian cities like Rome, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Turin etc has a great historical value which students can observe during their study period in Italy.

International students can choose from a wide variety of Italian universities, and many are top in their fields. La Sapienza University in Rome is rated among the top 100 in the world, its strength lying in social sciences and humanities. The Politechnico di Milano and University of Torino are two of the top engineering and applied sciences universities in Europe. Centuries-old universities including those in Bologna and Padova have a long tradition in legal studies, politics, and international affairs. Florence and Venice naturally are incomparable places to study art and art history.

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