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Instructions about the method to get admission in German Universities

Before you can be admitted to a course of study at a German institution of higher education you will as be required to take the Assessment Test . This requirement will apply as a rule. Admission to the assessment test is only possible for applicants who can prove that they hold a secondary school leaving certificate awarded for 12 years of schooling. Applicants who provide proof of successful participation in the entrance examination for the Indian Institutes of Technology can be admitted direct to higher education study.

Generally, you will need to be proficient in German to be able to study or research effectively in Germany. But German is also an important language in its own right and is spoken by many people. So it's well worth learning - for example, by attending a summer language course. And, German is definitely not as difficult as popular opinion would have it. Universities and colleges generally require German language certificates, which you can easily gain by taking the appropriate test in your home country.

Before you can embark on your studies at a German institution of higher education you will have to take the DSH - the German language proficiency test. The institutions set and hold these examinations themselves and also arrange the dates. "International degree courses" and some postgraduate courses are an exception to this rule.

You can be exempted from the DSH if you hold a higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) from a recognised school (in Germany or abroad) at which German was the language of instruction, hold the Goethe-Institute's minor or major German Language Certificate or advanced level Central Advanced Language Test hold the German Language Certificate, Level II, of the German Standing Conference of Ministers of Education and Culture only intend to spend one semester studying in Germany (some institutions even allow 2 semesters without requiring the DSH to be taken).

Test DaFA German language proficiency certificate as required for your studies in Germany can also be obtained in your home country in the form of the so-called Test DaF This language test is held twice a year (in spring and autumn/fall) at certain towns or universities in your country. The Test DaF system offers various proficiency levels. Hence, the language requirements can be adapted to the purpose of the study stay. The respective tests are set and marked in Germany so that all candidates can be sure that they have been treated equally and therefore everybody has the same chance of success. To greatly encourage the influx of international students, a good number of leading German institutions reserve study places for foreign applicants.

Please attend German courses at your own institution of higher education, the Goethe-Institute, or other language schools in your own country so that you will be able to communicate easily in German when you come here.

If you arrive in Germany ready and able to pass the DSH straight away, it will save you a great deal of time, effort, and money. Good language courses can also be found outside the framework of your German higher education institution. The courses offered by adult education centers (Volkshochschule - VHS) or other municipal educational facilities are cheaper than private language schools. German isn't everything: International degree courses, programmes and qualifications To improve the range of opportunities for international study applicants and to meet their interests, .

Studies leading to a Bachelor's or Master's degree stand out by having course modules, a system of continuous examination and assessment, and a system of credits.

Most of the foreign nationals need to apply directly to the International Office at each individual university or college of their choice Should another office be responsible for handling your applications and other affairs, the International office will inform you accordingly. You can search for the study opportunities online and can even search for courses with a specific language of instruction at: www.higher-education-compass.de 

The closing dates for applications to the International offices are usually July 15 for the following winter semester and January 15 for the following summer semester. If your application is late even by one day, it is not going to be processed. 

As soon as you have received your notification of admission and passed the language test, you need to register at your chosen university or college. Please direct your queries to the Registrar's office (studentensekretariat) in good time so as to wrap up the formalities and paperwork long before the session is due to start.

Your first port of call upon arrival in Germany must necessarily be the International office which will provide you with all the basic information you need to arrange the initial days of your stay in that country. Subsequently you must get yourself registered at the Resident Registration office and finally with the Alien's Registration Authority.

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