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Reasons - Why students should choose United States as their Study Abroad Destination?

Universities in the United States attract international students for several reasons. The statistics show that over half-million international students are pursuing their higher education degrees in the U.S. During a student visa interview, most international students are asked for what reason have they chosen US as their study abroad destination.

Excellent Academic Status
The U.S. has well developed curriculum which is advanced and updated. The U.S. universities offer some of the finest courses. Specially, in the field of Computer Technology, United States has mastered. Moreover, the U.S. degrees are considered as the most reputed degree in today's world.

Research and Development
The U.S. might be the right choice for students who wish to become research professionals. In United States, several researches on various field are carried on. Generally, U.S. government itself finances most of the researches carried on in United States. Some other are financed by University itself and other Corporations. Corporations provide research topics for the neighboring universities and universities involves students in these research projects. Most of the research students receive waivers for their tuition fees and in some cases they are also provided with a stipend to help with their living expenses. The universities including - Stanford University, Harvard University, University of California - invests million of dollars every year research on different subjects from Economics to Science.

Flexible Course Curriculum
Every courses in USA are well designed. Well structured courses provide student a superb facility of studying mixed subjects. While studying one subjects, students can even study other subjects which has less relation or no relation with the course they have chosen. In some cases, students are even allowed to study the course offered by another univerity .

Financial Assistance
Since education in United States is quite expensive, financial assistance is common among international students. It is found that most of the universities support the international students financially either by providing them teaching opportunities or involving them in research assistantships. However, these assistantships are based on academic merit, rather than financial support. In USA, students also have the wide range of opportunities to receive grants, loans, and scholarships.

Working Opportunities
United States has legal provision of providing international students an opportunity to do part time jobs of twenty hours per week when university is running. However students are permitted to do full time jobs during vacations. These jobs might be provided by universities, if they don't students will have to work outside the unversity for other employers. In rural areas, it is not easy to find jobs in most cases, but in cities students can most probably find jobs easily. Students are paid on hourly basis and these earnings will help students cover their living cost in USA.

Universities Supports
All the universities in United States have separate international department where tasks concerning to international students are carried out. These departments support international students in various cases.

Exchange of Culture
Apart from education, international students get to interact with students from various countries and diverse cultures. This shapes them to a large extent and enables the international students to become world-class professionals, once they complete their education Due to many international students studying in United States, students will have opportunities to deal with ideas from various races. This will help students share ideas about others' culture and tradition.

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