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Here are 15 factors to consider when selecting a college. Review each one and then identify the ones most important to you. When you are considering schools, you can then refer back to this list to see if the school offers programs and services that match your priorities...

  1. COST (Can I afford the cost of this education if I were admitted? What other colleges are might offer the same program of study for less?)
  2. LOCATION (Do I want to be near a city, suburb or country? Do the colleges out in the country cost less?)
  3. STATUS, REPUTATION (Can I get into a ?name school? or will I be happier going to a lesser-known school? What is the selectivity of the school? Some less well known schools provide a better education in specific fields of study than the more popular schools.)
  4. SERVICES AND PROGRAMS FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS (Does this school provide a variety of programs, services and activities to help with the cultural transition?)
  5. SIZE (Do I learn best when I can talk to my teacher or is a large lecture hall where everyone is on their own something equally comfortable?)
  6. COMPOSITION OF THE STUDENT BODY (Do I want to attend a co-ed college vs. single-sex, students from all over the country and world, etc.)
  7. TYPE OF INSTITUTION (Which is right for me: public, private, religious, secular, co-educational, women's college???)
  8. PERCENTAGE OF GRADUATES ACCEPTED TO TOP GRADUATE SCHOOLS (What percentage of graduates from the undergraduate program go on to be accepted in top post graduate programs?)
  9. SOCIAL LIFE (Do most students live on campus or is it a? suitcase? college where most student have to live off-campus? What do students do for fun? What clubs and activities are available?)
  12. RETENTION RATE (What percentage of first year students go on to second year and how many first-year students remain at the same school after four years?)
  13. GRADUATION IN FOUR YEARS (Ask how long, on average, students take to earn their first degree - at some universities it may take longer than others.)
  14. SPECIAL FEATURES (Are first year students are required to live on campus? Can you have a car on campus, etc.)
  15. SAFETY Most of these questions can be answered by the Admissions Office or the International Student Office at the school you are considering. You should also ask to speak with other international students on campus to get their feedback.

This list should just get you started. There may be other issues or concerns that are a priority for you. With so many schools to choose from, you are likely to find one that meet most of your criteria. Take some time to list any other factors that are important to you. Than start doing your research!!

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