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As a Social student they will be trained in techniques of sociological research and analysis, and will gain a solid understanding of their application in organizational, environmental and academic contexts. Student will further their knowledge of the development of different society, and make comparisons with others societies.

The personal, professional and intellectual skills the student acquire will prepare them for a wide range of educational and career opportunities in areas such as public and private sector management, research organizations, social work, pressure groups, charities and voluntary organizations.

Programs Outline
This program will provide student with an in-depth understanding of social processes, organizational dynamics and inter-group relationships. It combines an introduction to specific skills such as research design and use of the comparative method, with a structured training in the main branches of sociology. Strengths of the program include its focus on key contemporary social issues, social policy and decision making and international comparisons of social structures and policies.

Subject Guide
The course covers Social Theory; Social History; Political Theory and Social Change; Contemporary Society Research; Data Analysis; Social Movements; Social Networks; Comparative Political Sociology; Modern Organizations; Contemporary Social Theory; Qualitative Sociological Research; Risks; Environment and Society; Culture and Communication; Sociology of Education; Sociology of Work; Citizenship and Identity; Globalization; and Other Individual Researches.

Career Prospects
Graduates of Sociology are in demand from wide range of employers where a sound understanding of societies, team work and communication skills are required. Student can seed jobs as an Management Trainees, Housing Manager, Finance Officer, Police Constable, Marketers, Financial Analyst, etc.

Social Science Programs:
English Language
International Relations
Political Science
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