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The study of International Relation, covers politics in the international realm. Student will develop a knowledge and understanding of the nature of relations between states and also of the roles played by international institutions, other intergovernmental organizations, multinational corporations and other groups such as NGOs. Different methods of analysis are used, drawing on history, political philosophy and the social sciences and intellectual tools are acquired for addressing international questions of public concern, including those relating to World's future. Intellectual and transferable skills developed by the study of International Relations may be put to good use in a variety of professions in the public and private sectors, both nationally and internationally.

Program Outline
This program strongly focuses on the political ideas that have made for the turbulence and challenge of contemporary international relations. The program aims to develop expertise on the politics and international relations that are fast reshaping World.

Subject Guide
This course includes International Relations in Historical Perspective; International Organization; Continents and World in Twentieth and Early Twenty-First Centuries; Basic Political Concepts; Treat of Theories and and Issues of International Relations. International Political Economy; The History of Political Thought; An International Relations Research Desertion; and Counts for a Substantial and Challenging Part of International Law.

Career Prospects
Graduates are in demand from a wide range of employers where a sound understanding of societies, team work and communication skills are required. They have a strong track record of finding employment in the business, education, political institutions and the public sectors. International Relation Graduates work in business, in public sector, in political institutions and in administration. The combination of Social Science with International Relation is an attractive qualification for employment in international organizations and business.

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