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The program develops the management skills that enable the construction manager to take responsibility for planning and implementing construction projects. It also draws upon those technical subjects which are necessary to enable students to solve the challenging problems encountered by construction manager. This program provides student with an appropriate skills and knowledge base for a professional career in construction site and project management.

Subject Guide
This program covers Principles of Business Management; Communications/IT; Drawing & CAD; Surveying; Law; Environmental Impact Assessment; Financial Accounting; Logistics; Design; Materials; Maths; Geology and Soil Science; Construction Law; Construction Technology; Database Management; Operations Research; Measurement & Estimation; Project Management; Management Accounting; Environmental Management; Inventory Control; Site Investigation & Assessment; Materials; Risk Assessment; and optional programs.


The BSc in construction economics develops the finance and management skills necessary for the commercial managers and quantity surveyor to play an integral part in finance, planning and operation of major construction projects. In addition the program draws a subject related to civil engineering, projects management and operation research. This program will gives student a skill and knowledge base for a commercial management of quantity surveying within the construction industry.


The planning of a transport system to meet a perceived demand will come to nothing if the proposed scheme cannot be brought to fruition. There is currently a desperate shortage of people with the necessary skills to do this, and this program has been designed to help fill this knowledge gap. Subjects studied include management accounting, operations research, transport system design, construction law and surveying.

Subject Guide
This course covers Design; Materials; Surveying; Workplace Health & Safety; Maths; Data Analysis; Communication Skills & IT; Law; Principles of Business Management; Principles of Economics; Transport Forecasting; Transport Planning Systems; Material Durability and Assessment; Law; Highway Engineering; Risk Assessment; Environmental Management; Passenger Service Provision; Implementing Transport Policy; Transport Economics; and other options.

There is always a demand for competent construction and project managers, and on graduation student will process the necessary skill to work for civil engineering contractors, building an project management companies, local government, the service industries and transport planning agencies. The management, finance, transferable and technical skills developed during student's studies will also be attractive to other professions, and there is significant potential for successful careers in diverse field as finance, logistics and general management.

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