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A vigorous, fast developing science, chemistry lies at the heart of most technological developments, contributing enormously to our economy. Countless consumer and industrial products, medicines and pharmaceuticals are produced on processes developed from the fundamental principles of chemistry.

These programs emphasize the commercial as well as industrial application of chemistry. They aim to expand student's fundamental chemical knowledge, refine student's professional, scientific and technical skills and to develop student's personal, communication and management skills. Ultimately student will be equipped for a successful career in chemistry, the chemical industries, or a vast range of alternative scientific, business and professional occupations such as teaching.


Student will study subjects such as the chemical industry, process design, health and safety, biochemistry, biomaterials, inorganic materials and polymer synthesis. The innovative and relevant nature of this program will also help you to discover new and exciting areas of chemistry, including bio-compatibility, medicinal drug delivery systems, the Buckminster-Fullerenes and cluster compounds, liquid crystals, nonmetallic conductors and superconductors.

Subject Guide
This program covers Inorganic Chemistry; Organic Chemistry; Physical Chemistry; Thermodynamics; Mathematics; Chemical; Processes and Process Design; Transferable Skills, Polymer Science; Bioscience; Spectroscopy; Practical Classes, and other options.

Career Prospects
Studentís broad grounding principles of chemistry will prepare student to enter research, development or production in the chemical process industries, or to undertake postgraduate research, leading to a PhD, or teaching or postgraduate teaching certificates. Alternatively student may pursue a highly successful career in areas as diverse as commerce, administration, accounting, banking or the Civil Service. The study of chemistry is a springboard to student's future, whether or not student enter a directly related career, and is a highly stimulating and rewarding choice.

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