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Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and experience. This program investigates the theories of Psychology and their application to modern society. A distinct emphasis lies on human rather than animal behavior, and the application of Psychological knowledge. This program will provide student with a comprehensive theoretical knowledge and understanding of psychology, high-level practical and research experience, specialist professional skills and expertise, a broad intellectual training, generating career opportunities within an beyond the world of professional psychology.

Program Outline
This program integrate theoretical psychology, techniques of psychological investigation and the major areas of applied psychology. Student will focus on theoretical aspects and develop their expertise in a comprehensive range of specialist techniques. Student will also concentrate on the practical application of psychological principles. An extensive range of specialist capitalize on the research interests, which include: applied social psychology, consumer psychology, clinical psychology (health psychology, therapeutic intervention), applied child psychology (psychology of learning difficulties, child and the social world), optional and organizational psychology (work and well being, personal selection and human resources, occupational training), cognitive psychology and neuropsychology.

Subject Guide
The course includes Perspectives in Psychology; Cognitive Psychology; Social Psychology; Research Methods and Statistics; Brain Behavior; Development and Psychology; Advance Statistics; Individual Differences; Language and Communications; and Management Research.

Career Prospects
The emphasis on applied and human psychology provides an excellent spring board for careers in professional areas of psychology, including occupational, educational and clinical psychology. The degree is also ideal for many careers in local and central government of different countries, social service, industry and commerce. Graduates are successful in finding clinical psychology placement and are also equipped with a wide variety of transferable skills which are attractive to many potential employers. Graduates are able to find job as assistant psychologists, research officer for the police, recruitment consultants, civil server for the foreign and common wealth, marketing researchers and officers, police constables, commercial and occupational psychologists administration and finance officers, and general management & administration.

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