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As a Business Administrator Student will be a problem solver, planner and leader, challenge with meeting student's organizations objectives by deploying key resources such as time, people and money effectively and efficiently. This program aims to prepare students for this challenge and for a successful career in management.

Program Outline
This program is designed to deepen student's understanding of how businesses operate and to develop student's ability to recognize and analyze the economic, technical, financial and social parameters within which modern managers make decision. This program makes student able to specialize in an area of particular interest and relevance to his/her chosen career.

Subject Guide
This program covers principles of Financial Accounting; Economic Environment of Business; Organizational Behavior; Quantitative Methods; Business Decision Analysis; IT in Business; Marketing; Operations Management; Business Economics; Management Accounting; Business Game; Business Policy; Finance; and Value Based Strategy.

Career Prospects
Business Administration graduates have a consistently excellent track record in finding graduate jobs in the private and public sectors as a management trainees, marketing officer, consultant, graduate managers, accountants, commercial managers, finance officers, marketing assistant etc.

Business Programs:
Accounting for Management (AFM)
Business and Management (BAM)
Business Administration
Business Computing and IT (BCIT)
Economics and Management (EAM)
Human Resource Management (HRM)
International Business and Economics (IBE)
International Business and Modern Languages (IBML)
International Business and Management (IBAM)
Managerial and Administrative Studies (MAS)
Marketing (MKTG)
Public Policy and Management
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